Isnin, 14 Oktober 2013

generic strategies

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

For the generic strategies, the strategies that I choose from the four categories of generic business strategies are broad differentiation strategies which is Nike.

The broad differentiation strategies approaches that Nike company use is carefully study their buyer need and behaviors,values and willingness to pay for a unique product or service. The company of Nike also incorporate features that both appeal to buyers and create a sustainably distinctive product offering. They also use higher prices to recoup differentiation costs such as they provide their product with their suitable prices and quality. As we know the product that Nike provide is always make their customer satisfied with the Nike product. The advantages of differentiation of broad differentiation strategies are it command premium prices for the firm's products. It also increased the units sales due to attractive differentiation. The brand loyalty that bond buyers to the firm's product. 

We know that Nike brand only have at certain place which is they still sustain their brand and quality. They do not distribute Nike product into some shop. Their try to maintain their quality and price with put the product at the suitable place and together with other brand. 

Differentiation enhances profitability whenever a company's product can command a sufficiently higher price or produce sufficiently greater unit sales to more than cover the added costs of achieving the differentiation. The essence of a broad differentiation strategy is to offer unique product attributes that wide range of buyers find appealing and worth paying for.

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