Sabtu, 5 Oktober 2013

evaluating company's resources, capabilities and competitiveness

Assalamualaikum w.b.t . For chapter 4, at the beginning of the lecture session miss Ummi was explained about the specific indicator of strategic success which are:

-growth in firm's sales and market share
-acquisition and retention of customers
-strengthening image and reputation with customers
-increasing profit margins, net profits and ROI
-growing financial strength and credit rating
-leadership in factors relevant to market/industry success
-continuing improvement in key measures of operating performance

miss Ummi also explained about what is resources and capability of company. A resources is a productive input or competitive asset that is owned or controlled by a firm. A capability of a firm to perform some activity proficiently for example superior skills in marketing. 

the example for tangible sourcess are:
-physical resources
-financial resources
-technological assets
-organizational resources

for intangible resources are:
-human assets and intellectual capital
-brands, company image, and reputational assets
-relationships, alliances, joint ventures or partnerships
-company culture and incentive system

in that lecture, miss Ummi was exposed us with competitive advantages which is what are the things or specialty that we have and others not have it.

benchmarking is a potent tool for improving a company's awn internal activities that is based on learning how other companies perform them and borrowing their "best practices".

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