Selasa, 17 September 2013

chapter 1 and 2

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

On 17th september 2013. I have my second lecture class with Miss Ummi. At the beginning the lecture, i felt that i can't remember that Miss Ummi face. I don't know why. Maybe it is for the second time I met her. hehe. After this, InshaAllah I can remember her face as well as she can remember her student name. hehe. Actually, I felt very surprise and I scared if she suddenly called my name. waaaaaaaa~ hehe. 

From the chapter 1 that I have learn yesterday, I got that in these chapter have many new terms that I need to know and understand the terms like intuition. Intuition is making some decision with their sixth sense. In that chapter, I have to understand about the strategies that they have to pass the 3 stage in order to fulfill the criteria to get the good strategies.

1)strategy formulation

2)strategy implementation

3)strategy evaluation

I also know about competitive advantages which is anything that a firm does especially well compared to rival firms. 

For chapter 2, I have learn about mission and vision. As we know, all business need to have their own mission and vision to achieve their goal and target as well.

Vision is what are we want to be in future. Mission is how to make vision become true or the way that we do to achieve the goal.

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